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It's Arthur's Page!

Hello, and welcome to my home page. To start off, I'd like to tell you a little story about myself. A while ago, I was an 19 year old, female, human being. And, then, my life changed completely. We were at Short Fiction Critiques, chatting, and were looking for a little excitement. Kristine came along, and wondered whether to start a fire at the Forum, or start an avalanche. She chose the latter. The next thing I knew, she was yodeling at the top of her lungs. Snow was coming down the mountain side, and I was right in it's path. I turned and started running out of the way. I would have made it, if someone (Both Sara F. and MAC have been suspected) wouldn't have tripped me. Needless to say, I was trapped in the avalanche. Kristine came along after it was all over, and buried me. Only, I wasn't dead. I was just unconscious. I laid there in the darkness, and eventually willed myself dead when I could feel the worms crawling through my body, and couldn't move to get them off of me. At a later date, I was reincarnated as a donkey, then a falcon, then a lion. I am now living as a kangaroo, and expect to be that way for a long time. (MAC, I am not blind, or clumsy!)

Note: This is an actual photograph of myself. (Thanks Kristine!)

My contributions to the world

Down Where the Demons Are: Section 1 of My Elevator Story
Down Where the Demons Are: Section 2
Down Where the Demons Are: Section 3
My photo album: A collection of pictures
Uncle Hyman

Links, just links.

Kristine's Contribution to the web: My long lost little sister. : ).
Sara F.: A friend of mine from the Inkspot Forums.
Sarah Kathryn's homepage: I'm going to name one of my children after her.
Ishmael's homepage: My friend, Eli's homepage.
Virtual Pooh Sticks: For all of you Winnie the Pooh fans.
Bon Bons Away!: Lets you send chocolate e-mail
If it's purple...: collection of purple graphics
@Toyota: a picture of my dream car (call me crazy)
The Beautiful South Section: a page about my favorite group
Purple Page Platitude: A page for fellow purple lovers
The Primary Page: A page about primary. *lol*